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“I started insulin right before starting this program but did not need to increase my dose or frequency (despite the nurses and obs saying that was very likely).


Also, my very balanced blood sugars helped me negotiate going over my due date and allowed for minimal monitoring during my labor. 

My sugar was fine during delivery as I ate and drank and the baby passed all his sugar screening tests after birth. Extremely happy with what I accomplished.”


"Baby was born with great blood sugars! I had more energy than my last pregnancy from managing my blood sugars better."


"Initially doctors wanted me to start Metformin but after a week or so I was able to get my fasting numbers under control and was not needed!" 


"My doctor told me I would have a 9+ baby and my baby would have poor blood sugar. I deliver a beautiful, healthy 7 pound, 11 oz baby who passed all of his blood sugar checks!"

“I felt my anxiety over the pregnancy improved significantly with Leslee’s support. With her encouragement and coaching, I was able to focus on the things within my control- nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, hydration- and not feel like I had failed when I needed to start on a little insulin. 


My mental health benefited from the program just as much as my physical health. I ended up with a healthy baby of average weight and both of us passed our blood sugar screenings!”

which was so empowering. After delivery, my baby had healthy blood sugar levels and is thriving! My baby also has a mom who is much healthier and less anxious as a result of the program.”


“During this program, I was able to keep my blood sugar levels within range, but more importantly, I was able to manage my own expectations, which was so empowering.

Past  Client

"I was able to keep my fasting sugars mostly in range for about 4-5 weeks before going on bedtime insulin. Gave me peace of mind to at least make it in to the 2nd trimester before starting. Post-meal numbers have been great thanks to some snack/meal ideas and accountability to exercise when I can!"


"At first I thought I'd be eating chicken and broccoli for dinner for the next 3 months. I was so relieved when Leslee taught us how to pair our carbs. I've been able to eat the things I enjoy and still manage my sugars."

Past Client

"After Leslee’s program, I felt very comfortable and knowledgeable about how to pair my carbs properly for blood sugar control. After the program, my blood sugars improved, especially my fasting. I was able to stay diet controlled and my baby girl passed all her blood sugar checks after birth."

“One of my struggles with GDM was finding foods I could tolerate with severe morning sickness. With the help of Leslee's special nausea meal plan, I was able to find foods that I could actually enjoy while maintaining my blood sugars ...not an easy feat!


After a late ultrasound, my doctor came in and said she didn't even need to see my blood sugar log because she knew my numbers must be great based on how the baby looked, the best affirmation I could get.

When Teddy was born he passed every single one of his blood sugar tests and was very healthy. I am so grateful for Leslee's guidance in managing gestational diabetes, but even beyond that just her emotional and moral support while navigating a GDM diagnosis and a difficult pregnancy.“

I was almost on the verge of risking out at the birth center where I wanted to birth if my fasting numbers did not improve."


"With guidance, I was able to find a good bedtime snack that helped my fasting numbers be consistent throughout the week.

With my first pregnancy, I didn’t have GD and put on more weight. This time around I got diagnosed with GD and only gained half the amount of weight due to the mindful and clean eating I did while monitoring my GD.”


“I was able to control my fasting numbers and stay diet controlled!

“This was my second time with gestational diabetes, but I still felt completely devastated and unprepared. Leslee made the path clear and reminded me that this wasn't my fault. One thing she always reinforced was that this was for me to be healthy and for my baby to be healthy.

Simple concept, but when you're pregnant, hormonal, and anxious, it really helps to have someone remind you of what's important and why you keep going. This really helped me focus and boost my confidence. I was able to get my numbers down which was such a relief. 


I was able to have the birth I wanted even though I had gestational diabetes. Natural birth was all that I wanted and I was so scared it wouldn't happen because my doctors all recommended induction.

I had the confidence to speak up and stick up for myself and my baby and we both are happy and healthy, which is all we can ask for and all that matters.”

“I was in such a deep hole of depression when I got the diagnosis. I really felt like I was hurting my baby and there was nothing i could do about it.

Past. Client

I felt like I could still eat the things I love while making small changes here and there to make sure I am keeping my blood sugar in the healthy range for myself and my baby.”

Past. Client

Leslee helped me break down what I needed to do in easy steps, and was there cheering me on the whole time.

In the end, I had a healthy baby and my own health is great. The journey was hard but i made it. Thank you for the help!”

“The feedback and guidance on meals and snacks really helped me gain confidence in making food choices. 

“I was so overwhelmed when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to eat anything but salads for the rest of my pregnancy. But thanks to Leslee, I was able to confidently eat a wide variety of foods all while maintaining good blood sugars. 

Fortunately, I had excellent control of my blood sugars throughout my whole pregnancy. However, with Leslee’s help, I was able to confidently eat more carbs while maintaining good control of my blood sugars. 

Past. Client

I was able to be diet controlled throughout my whole pregnancy. I also never once had a fasting blood sugar out of range. My baby also had perfect blood sugars after he was born!”

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