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You’ve been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, handed a meter, a list of carbs to avoid, and sent on your way… leaving you paralyzed with a list of questions but no one to ask.

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

“Why did I get this diagnosis out of all the women who get pregnant?”

“If my blood sugar doesn’t go down, am I going to hurt my baby?”

“How many days with high blood sugar is bad?”

“What can I eat that’s quick that won’t cause a blood sugar spike?”

“How do I even check my blood sugars correctly?”

“What do I have to do to avoid insulin?”

With a mix-matched plan, you set out to eat as low carb as possible and avoid all the foods your pregnant body is craving.

Despite doing everything you read online, you’re left with more questions than actual blood sugar results.

You eat the same thing for lunch every day, one day it causes a spike, and the next day it doesn’t - it makes no sense!

No matter how many different bedtime snacks you try, your fasting numbers won’t budge.

Even though you’re avoiding carbs, your blood sugar numbers don’t seem to be stable.

You spend hours on Instagram and Google, searching for the answers that you wish your healthcare team took the time to answer for you.

You deserve a place where you can get all your questions answered, feel reassured you’re doing everything you need to do, and have all the tools to lower blood sugar in a way that allows you to still enjoy your pregnancy - aka you do not need to avoid all carbs and sugar.

This experience is why I created
The Better Blood Sugar Method

Imagine this:

You’re able to indulge in all the pregnancy cravings in a way that prevents a spike.

You feel confident going out to restaurants and ordering meals that balance blood sugar.

You can make decisions about what to eat without being afraid you’re hurting your baby with every carb that goes into your mouth.

You feel excited to go to the doctor and showcase how well your blood sugars have been managed.

You deliver a healthy baby and are able to do so with the birth plan you envisioned for yourself.

 who experienced this after learning how to balance their blood sugar with Gestational Diabetes with The Better Blood Sugar Method.


“After my diagnosis and a disappointing consultation with a dietician at the perinatal specialist, I was feeling so overwhelmed and scared. From my first conversation with Leslee, I could tell she was going to be able to help. I went to her looking for food guidelines and ideas of what to eat, but the emotional support from her and the other women in the group was the thing that helped me the most. The sense of community and knowing other women were going through the same thing really made a difference.

After the program, I feel much more confident and have the tools needed to balance foods and educate others. My doctor was thrilled that I found outside help and I gave her Leslee’s info to pass on to other patients. 

With Leslee’s guidance, I was able to keep my blood sugar numbers in control and my doctor never had to consider starting me on insulin! My baby never measured big on ultrasound and passed all of her blood sugar tests after birth.”

Join the community of women


“Leslee’s guidance and encouragement helped me gain confidence and helped me to control my blood sugars without medication! She helped me feel good about myself and confident in managing my diagnosis. The constant reassurance that I could be successful and that I was a good mom really helped lift my spirits after being diagnosed. Being able to connect with other mamas helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in the journey! 

Some wins after joining the program are: My numbers stayed in range without medication, my midwives advised that my numbers looked so good that I could reduce the number of times I needed to check my sugars, this program helped me lower the risk of needing additional interventions during labor and delivery so that I could follow my ideal birth plan, and baby’s blood sugars all within range after delivery!”


“I had no idea where to start, and by the end of the program, I was confident in my food pairings. It’s changed the way I look at my food choices even now postpartum (pair that carb with a protein!) :)

I started the program as soon as I was diagnosed. But Leslee’s program gave me the individualized attention I needed. I received far more (and better) support from Leslee than I did from the team at the hospital (including midwives, MFM, and dietitians). 

The biggest win was getting my baby’s weight under control. When I was diagnosed around 28 weeks, my son was in the 90th percentile. A month into the GDM diet and Leslee’s program, he was in the 60th and at my last ultrasound, he was in the 30th. The diet worked and by having my GDM well managed my son was born a healthy 7 lbs, 6 oz. and passed all his sugar tests.”

Take a peek inside the program and see exactly what your journey to lowering blood sugar with Gestational Diabetes will look like without cutting carbs…

Are you ready to learn how to lower blood sugar with Gestational Diabetes?

30 Minute Onboarding Call

1:1 Voxer Support

Weekly Food Log Review

Private Facebook Group

This is where we will get to know one another, and I’ll answer any of your initial questions before the program begins.

Voxer is a private messaging/voice messaging app where you can ask me any questions regarding blood sugars, pregnancy, nutrition, and more! You’ll have access Monday-Friday, and it’s like having your own personal Gestational Diabetes expert in your back pocket.

Do you have questions like “My fasting blood sugar won’t go down,” “I’m getting different numbers with the same meal on different days,” or “I’m feeling super hungry or full throughout the day?” If so, this food log review will allow me to troubleshoot what’s going on and provide some recommendations.

This is where you’ll be able to connect with other moms diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. A community of supportive women can be just what you need when frustration sets in.

Module 1: Carb Counting 101

Does it feel like ever since getting diagnosed, you either need to avoid carbs completely or enter everything you eat into MyFitnessPal to stay under your recommended carb amount? In this module, I’ll teach you how to carb count without relying on MyFitnessPal or other macro-counting apps.

Module 2: Fasting Blood Sugar

Does your fasting blood sugar never seem to budge no matter how many tricks you try from social media? In this module, I’ll be giving you all the tools you need to lower fasting blood sugar and teach you the science behind choosing the correct bedtime snack.

Module 3: Consistency

This module covers the secrets behind why you’re experiencing unstable blood sugars throughout the day, and what you can do about it!

Module 4: Fiber

Have you heard that fiber can be beneficial to blood sugars with Gestational Diabetes? Learn why and how to incorporate fiber for blood sugar balance.

Module 5: Meal Planning

You’re busy. You have a lot going on, and a Gestational Diabetes diagnosis can just add to that overwhelm. In this module, I’ll give you tips on meal planning, meal schedules for blood sugar control, and tons of examples to make meal planning feel easy.

Module 6: Eating Out

You don’t have to avoid date night with your significant other or only order chicken and a side salad to manage blood sugar. In this module, I teach you how to eat out with confidence and give plenty of examples to make choosing meals out easy.

Module 7: Artificial Sweeteners

Get the inside scoop on artificial sweeteners. Which ones are safe during pregnancy, the pros and cons of choosing artificial sweeteners, and so much more!

Module 8: Supplements to Consider

Learn the top supplements I recommend for Gestational Diabetes to balance blood sugar and deliver a healthy baby.

Module 9: Low Iron in Pregnancy

In this module, we will cover why being aware of iron levels in pregnancy is so important and what you can do to ensure your iron levels stay adequate.

Module 10: What to Expect After Baby

You’re approaching your due date and can’t help but wonder, now what? What happens to baby’s blood sugar? What happens to your blood sugar? Can you go back to eating normally? This module answers all those questions.

Module 11: Breastfeeding 101

Do you want to learn the benefits of breastfeeding and how it can help balance blood sugars after pregnancy? This module covers the basics of breastfeeding.

bonus resources

7 Weeks of Sample Meal Plans and Recipes

Resource library with information about prenatal vitamins, post-natal vitamins, labor snacks, tips for significant others, etc.

In our 2 months together, you get…

Access to a registered dietitian who specializes in Gestational Diabetes provides you with guidance, support, reassurance, and education.

All the information you need to lower your blood sugar with Gestational Diabetes that your healthcare team wasn’t able to provide you.

A community of women who are in the same boat as you, who you can lean on and get  support from.

You feel excited to go to the doctor and showcase how well your blood sugars have been managed.

Your Investment

Two-payments of $347

of $660 

5% discount!


Have questions about the program? I’ve got answers.

Do I need to follow a strict meal plan?

I do have over seven weeks of meal plans in the program but it is not required to follow them strictly. I will teach you how to balance the food you already love!

Will I be able to lower my fasting blood sugar?

I am confident that the strategies I teach in my program will help to consistently lower your fasting blood sugar. With that being said, I cannot guarantee a specific blood sugar number for each person, because hormones and genetics also vary in each unique pregnancy.

Will I get personalized guidance?

Yes! There are multiple ways that you and I will connect through the coaching program. First, we will schedule a 30-minute onboarding call to go over your initial questions/concerns. From there I will review a weekly food log and leave private comments that only you can see. This is a great way for you and I to stay connected on what’s working well for you and what needs to be adjusted. You will also have private 1:1 chat/text access to ask me questions Monday-Friday.

Can you still help me if I have special dietary needs?

Yes! I will teach you how to balance the foods you already eat. You will not be required to eat any foods you don’t like or cannot eat. I have many resources on various diets (bland diets for morning sickness, vegetarian diets, and GF diets). I also have experience in working with specific cultural needs.

Can I do 1 month of the program instead of 2 months?

The program is a 2-month commitment because blood sugars increase as the pregnancy progresses. It is very common to re-adjust meals and snacks as blood sugars change through pregnancy.

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